5 Critical Distinctions You Must Be Aware of Before You Hire a Personal Trainer in Utah

Let’s face it, no one wants to temporarily increase their health and fitness levels and not have it last.

No one wants to lose weight and gain it right back.

No one wants to get in shape, only to have their desire run dry and end up out of shape again.

Yet, that is the reality for most people. In fact, studies show that most people who go on diets and/or exercise programs end up gaining the weight back plus some after all is said and done. Your goal, and my goal for you, is to get you to undertake an entirely new lifestyle. Something that lasts permanently and propels you to a higher quality of life.

A Transformation.

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After being a personal trainer for years and working with lots and lots of people, I started to notice the reasons why most personal trainers weren’t getting people to make real changes that lasted. Here they are:

1. Learning What to do Isn’t Enough

We all know this.

Knowing that smoking kills doesn’t change the fact that people smoke. Learning what you should be doing with your health and fitness will not get you to actually do it..

Here’s the typical pattern I see:

  • someone comes in super motivated and ready to go
  • the trainer takes them through workouts
  • the person begins to see some results
  • the person’s will-power begins to run dry
  • the person’s wallet begins to run dry
  • they stop working with the trainer
  • They go right back to where they started, backtracking any results they achieved, usually ending up even more overweight and out-of-shape.

It’s likely that if you’re reading this, this pattern has happened in your life. Here’s the reason why: you haven’t experienced a real shift in your inner psychology.

This is what most Utah Personal Trainers in Utah (or anywhere else for that matter) lack; an understanding of how to get people to make a lasting change in their lifestyles, their desires, and their and their habits. They simply know how to tell show what they should be doing.

That isn’t enough.

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2. What Creates Lasting Change is Understanding Implications, Not WIll-Power

When someone ‘gets it’ on an emotional level, they make it happen.

So what’s the process of ‘getting it?’ Understanding implications.

And here’s the thing: having a personal trainer drag you through workouts does not get you to internalize the positive implications of working out and the negative implications of not working out.

You see, our brains are literally wired to want to avoid pain and gain pleasure. When someone begins to truly internalize implications of living healthy and fit, they can’t not do it.

Can you think of something that you can’t not do? How about brushing your teeth? Is it really a choice? Or do you ‘just do it?’

I suspect you just do it.

The reason why is the implications of not brushing your teeth are ingrained into you. They are apparent as well. My goal when working with people is to get the negative implications (pain) of not living right (aka eating correctly and working out on a regular basis) and the positive implications (pleasure) of living right ingrained and stapled into your soul, your subconscious, your conscious, and inner being.

Nothing gets me more psyched then seeing this inner transformation occur. That’s where long term change happens, not from getting dragged through workouts.

3. Most Personal Trainers are Operating Under Outdated Conventional Bodybuilding Flawed Wisdom

I’m going to be brutally honest: most trainers don’t know their head from their ass.

Do you want to look like a steroided out bodybuilder? I know I don’t.

So why would you train like one?

For some odd reason alot of trainers put their clients on ‘split routine’ strength training schedules when what that person would most benefit from is circuit type, high intensity, full body failure workouts.

I see it all the time, trainers taking clients through static, boring, bodybuilder type workouts when the client doesn’t even want to be a bodybuilder! Does this make any sense? Nope. Yet most trainers, and clients, just simply aren’t aware.

So here’s the history of fitness: 100 years ago no one knew anything about ‘fitness.’

If you ask the farm kid down the road how he got his biceps he’d look at you and say “what are you talking about, I work on the farm daily.” Then along comes Arnold Schwarzenegger. He popularized fitness. It went from underground, to mainstream in the 70’s because of him. That’s great. However, fitness advise didn’t come from science, it came from steroid ridden bodybuilders.

Well things have changed.

Science is showing what really works for the common man/woman that’s not on the juice (aka steroids). And guess what, it’s not old school split routine workouts for most of us.

4. You Must Change Your Habits and Desires to Get Lasting Results

People who change for the long term have what I call a desire level shift. This is when someone truly has new desires replace old ones. Maybe you use to desire sitting on the couch when you came home from work, but after a lot of self-development and introspection you now desire movement and healthy living.

This is a desire level change.

Desire level changes come from a re-association of what your subconscious mind links pain and what it links pleasure to. Going through workouts with a personal trainer will not get you new desires. If anything, it will leave you associating even more pain to working out, because let’s face it; on the surface, working out is painful.

5. Most Personal Trainers Want You to be Dependent Upon Them

Trust me, I’ve been in this industry for a long time now. I’ve seen it all.

Personal trainers are like any other human beings, they want the easy road. What’s harder: consistently having to find new clients because you ‘graduate’ all your clients to being independent and no longer needing your services on a regular basis? Or, keeping your clients dependent upon your services and not having to find new clients?

We all know the answer. It’s much easier to make clients dependent on you, then have to seek out new ones all the time.

So how do personal trainers do this?

By making health and fitness out to be some complicated thing that needs to be constantly supervised by a so-called ‘expert’ (them). Is this true? Absolutely not.

Fitness is not complicated.

It’s just not. Your body only has a few basic movements and all exercising your body is just adding some form of resistance to these natural movements. What if a trainer taught you these fundamentals which allowed you to get the foundation for creating your own workouts? What if your trainer got you to LOVE working out and to go for it on a regular basis? Would you need a trainer anymore? Probably not, at least not consistently.

This is my goal with all clients I work with; to make them independent.

How is it Done?

  1. Strategy:

    Correct health and fitness principles, both training and nutrition, based on ‘connecting the dots’ of emerging science in biology, genetics, epigenetics, nutrition, evolutionary biology. I have found WHAT WORKS. I have transformed my own body as well as many others bodies by understanding and implementing strategies based on this emerging science.

  2. Application:

    Ultimately the learning is in the doing. This is about APPLYING the strategy on a regular basis. I’m more than just a trainer, I’m your coach. We set up realistic schedules, on a weekly basis, and I make sure you follow through.

  3. Reality Shifting Information:

    This is where we acquire new mental resources, new ways of thinking, understanding implications, rewiring your brain, and getting change to STICK. This comes from LEARNING new information, CONDITIONING the implications of this information into your mind. I take you through a journey of information to make this happen; through email, articles, books, and personal coaching along the way.

  4. Here’s My Credentials

    • NASM Certified: National Academy of Sports Medicine is widely considered the most prestigious Personal Training Certification.
    • Years of experience: Over half a decade working with other people, and over a decade of personal trial and error.
    • Success; I’ve been successful transforming my own body, and transforming many many other peoples bodies; both male and female, from 15 to 65 years of age.

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    My Role as Your Personal Trainer

    1. Design and administer client specific training programs that create a desired result in body composition.
    2. Improve athletic performance whilst reducing the likely hood of injury.
    3. Take into consideration the differences among individuals, including their injuries.
    4. Recognizing acute and chronic responses and adaptations to training for the design of specific training programs.
    5. Educate clients on the importance of training in the correct manner using safe techniques so they can safely train themselves.

    Getting Started

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