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More Alan Watts: What do You Really Want?


More awesome stuff from Alan Watts and ZenPencils.

Check it out.

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Live Your Life Like You Are the Hero of Your Own Story

You can be the hero of your own story.

You’ve messed up. You’ve been an idiot. You’ve been lazy and done stupid things. But you can turn things around — right now. And if you watch the three videos in this post, you will likely do it.

They are that powerful.

Start with this message from Joe Rogan:  

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How to Win Friends and Influence People… in 15 Minutes — A Concise Summary of the Best Seller

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” is one of the most popular self-improvement books ever written.

Over 15 million copies sold and to this day people swear by the book.

Today I present to you the a How to Win Friends and Influence People summary. These are cliffnotes for each chapter within the best seller.

But first let’s influence you on the book itself. Here are 12 things this book will do for you:  

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The Buddha and Thoreau’s 2 Minute Blueprint to Happiness

What makes a person happy?

Money? Fame? Possessions? Accomplishments?

We all know that isn’t true by a quick glance down at the latest celebrity gossip magazines while standing in line at a grocery store.

When’s the last time there wasn’t a cover of some spoiled rotten celebrity who was being submitted to rehab? Seems like that’s always the story.

So what’s going on here? What is the causal factor for happiness?  

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My Top 10 List of Most Inspirational Quotes (well right now at least)

Inspirational quotes are like hard liquor — they pack a punch and change your state rapidly.

A quote that resonates on a deep level will change the basis of your thoughts and hopefully start a snowball effect of personal progress.

They will inspire you to be a better person and look to be more, do more, grow more, and contribute more.

I’m obsessed with inspirational quotes and am always on a lookout for juicy ones because after all “motivation doesn’t last and neither does bathing – that’s why it’s recommended daily.”  

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8 Things Your Excuses Are Really Saying

Nothing bugs me more than talking with people where they say something like “yeah I know I should workout” but then they don’t do it.

I was talking to a friend the other day who claimed that he can’t sleep and it’s ruining his life. I simply mentioned that he needs to start exercising and of course ‘he already knows that.’

Oh yeah?

So why aren’t you doing it then?

Of course, an excuse was made. He’s too busy obviously.  

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31 Commandments for Being Your Best Self

In the dark and ancient days of misguided teachings, a cry rang out over the mountains — a cry for sanity, integrity, and beauty.

There came forth from the digital mountain 31 commandments to guide the behavior of those dedicated to being their best selves.

Living right would no longer be a desert of confusion.

Its goal would now shift to the ethical and neighborly persuasion of the prospect to take their desired action.

These are 31 Commandments for being your best self.  

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Warning: Don’t Be This Kind of Person

There’s a certain type of person that loves to analyze things, but hates taking action.

They love getting new information and collect heaps and heaps of it.

They read books, they listen to programs, they read blogs, they are constantly ‘learning.’ The problem is they never actually apply anything. They like to analyze and discuss things down to the finest details, even though they still haven’t put anything into action yet.

These type of people love asking for and getting massive amounts of advise, but they don’t bother applying any of it.  

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52 Pictures that will Leave You Humbled and Inspired

People who are creative need to feel inspired.

But sometimes that feeling of inspiration just won’t seem to show up. Here are some symptoms I’m sure you’ve experienced:

  • You can’t come up with an idea.
  • You have a ton of ideas but can’t commit to any of them, and they all peter out.
  • You have an project outline but you can’t get through this one part of it.
  • You’re stuck in the middle and have no idea what should happen next.

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Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Make You Feel Motivated for 2013

Well it looks like the Mayan caladar ending didn’t mean the world was too.

Instead of moving on to another realm, we’re still here. Because of this, it’s time to make the most of what we have. What we have is 2013 and finding motivation and internal inspiration is the foundation to new actions and a higher quality of life.

So it’s time to get motivated.

I’m just going to jump right into using hynotic suggestions to get you to feel differently…play with me and have fun with feeling. Let your mind go and allow yourself to feel.  

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